Q: I have some partners that need to receive faxes outside of Salesforce. Is there an option to send a fax to an email addresses or a Web portal option instead of going through Salesforce?

A: You can setup an email workflow that can email a received fax with the attachment.  This requires a VisualForce email template so that it can include the attachment that is related to the Received Fax record.  You would have the Workflow/Process Builder when a new Received Fax record is created.  If you need help setting this up our consulting team and help build this for you as a paid service.
With how the app is built, you can only access the faxes in Salesforce but you could setup a Salesforce Community, Partner portal, customer portal, force.com license for $25/month. If the other users have Salesforce already, you could consider setting up a Salesforce to Salesforce connection. So there are some options there that are cost effective though no outside web portal though we find the best solution is to give these users a login to your Salesforce and setup a limited profile that only gives them access to what they need.  And this option may be a cheaper license than price mentioned above.