1. You can send a fax manually by clicking the Send Fax button on the related Sent Fax list on any object Sent Faxes is related to or from the general “Send Fax” tab.
  2. Your assigned fax number will be automatically pre-populated in the “Organization Fax Number” field.
    1. If you have multiple fax numbers available for use, you can select the fax number you would like to fax from the drop down button.
    2. ADDITIONAL OPTION:  If you would like to choose one fax number as the default when sending a manual fax, follow these steps: A5 Fax Configuration Tab -> Edit -> Default Fax Number.
  3. If you configured your app already from steps in this article for your object, for example Contact object layout, then you should see the related Sent Fax list on any Contact record.  And see the Send Fax button on the related Sent Faxes list.
    1. Optionally you can create a Contact record for yourself and enter your own fax number in the Fax field.
  4. Then click the Send Fax button from the sent fax related list.
  5. If there is a fax number provided under Contact record (meaning you configured a fax field on Contact object or any other object you are working with), the Recipient will already be populated as well as the Fax Number.
    1. If you do not have a recipient/fax number populated, you can use search feature to select a Recipient to populate the relationship and fax number.
    2. After selecting the Fax field the Fax Number will be populated with the fax number from the related record.  Or you can enter a fax number manually here.
      1. You can always manually add an object relationship the the sent fax record at a later time.
    3. If you are wanting to send a fax from an object record but the fax number is getting pulled from a different object, you will need to create a formula field to pull the fax number from the related object.
      1. For example, say you wanted to send a fax from a Case record though the fax number value is actually getting pulled from the related Account from that case record so you would create a formula field on case object to pull the fax number from related account record.
  6. Select the PDF attachment or File you want to send for outbound fax (needs to be in PDF format). For more detail on fax formats, review this article.
    1. Select the lookup glass and it will show you all your Documents already in Salesforce.
      1. If you are sending a fax from related list on object record, all related attachments and files that are related to that record will populate from drop down list for you to select from.
      2. If you need to upload a new PDF, then select Browse button on the bottom of the page, and select the file.  Then click Upload button.  Once it is finished uploading just click on that new PDF file you uploaded to select it to fax it
  7. The fax PDF preview will load a preview of the fax
    1. You can adjust the default placement of the barcode by dragging it around.  You can also drag the bottom right corner to resize the barcode.
  8. When ready click the “Send” button to send the fax.
  9.  The Sent Fax record will be created with an Attachment related to it for the PDF that was faxed.
  10. The Fax Status will start at Sending.  The Send Date is recorded.
  11. The app will send the fax and will update the Status of the Sent Fax record to “Sent” when it is actually sent.  The Sent Date is recorded (This confirms that the app has successfully sent the fax).
  12.  Once the app has confirmed the fax has been delivered successfully then it will change the Status of the Sent Fax to “Delivered” and record the Delivery Date.
  13. If the fax did not go through it will change the Status to “Not Delivered”.
    1. Add following fields to your sent fax page layout: “Detailed Fax Status” and “Number of Retries” to better understand why a fax may have failed. For example, there could be a problem with the fax machine or fax number which will cause it to fail. You can review more details on errors in the Errors Category.