You can send a fax manually from the general “Send Fax” tab or by clicking the “Send Fax” button on the Sent Fax related list on any object that you’ve related to the Sent Fax object.

  1. Select a Fax Recipient
  2. Attach PDF Files
  3. Add or Remove Barcodes
  4. Track the Status of your Sent Fax

Select Fax Recipient

How you select the fax recipient depends on whether you are sending your fax from the Send Fax tab or from a record’s Sent Fax related list. See detailed steps below for each option.

Select Recipient when Sending a Fax From the “Send Fax” Tab

Open the “Send Fax” Tab. Your assigned fax number will be automatically pre-populated in the “Organization Fax Number” field in the “Fax Recipient” section. The rest of the fields need to be manually populated.

Select a recipient by clicking the magnifying glass icon. This will pull up the “Recipient Lookup” page which you can use to select the recipient. Once you select the recipient you want, this will populate the Sent Fax Relationship and Fax Number fields.

You are now ready to continue to the next section, “Attach PDF Files”.

Select Recipient When Sending a Fax from Sent Fax Related List

Once you have configured the page layout from the steps in this article for your base object (e.g. the Contact object), then you should see the related Sent Fax list on any Contact record, as well as the Send Fax button. Click the Send Fax button from the Sent Fax related list.

If there is a fax number provided under Contact record (meaning you configured a fax field on Contact object or any other object you are working with), the Recipient will already be populated as well as the Fax Number.

Note: If you want to send a fax from an object record but the fax number is getting pulled from a different object, you will need to create a formula field to pull the fax number from the related object. For example, say you wanted to send a fax from a Case record though the fax number value is actually getting pulled from the related Account from that case record so you would create a formula field on case object to pull the fax number from related account record.

You are now ready to continue to the next section, “Attach PDF Files”.

Attach PDF Files

You can attach up to ten (10) PDF files to your fax. To select your first file, click the looking glass icon. Search files, recipient’s related files/attachments, and documents in your Salesforce org with the tabs at the top of the window.

To upload a PDF from your computer, click the “Documents “tab and select the “Browse” button on the bottom of the page.

When you select the PDF file, the Fax PDF Preview window will load a preview of the fax. You can then configure or remove the barcode that appears (See Next Section).


  • A5 Fax supports both TIFF and PNG as alternative sending formats to the standard PDF. Contact support to enable this feature in your org.
  • In order for a user to upload files from their computer while sending faxes, they need proper permissions to do this. Review the Set User Permissions section of the Basic Configuration article for details.

Add or Remove Barcodes

Not sure whether to add a barcode? We recommend using the barcode feature if you are faxing a document that the recipient will fill out or sign and then fax back to you. Adding the barcode will auto relate the Received Fax record to the original Sent Fax record and object record you sent the fax from.

Barcode Tips

  • We suggest adding two barcode images on the sent fax, in separate areas. Sometimes when faxes come back an area of the fax gets distorted or has a hair in it.  Having two barcodes on the page increases the chance of successfully reading one. Barcode images can be different sizes and on different areas of the page.
  • Place the barcode on a white/blank area of PDF. Do not place the barcode image over other text or dark areas of the PDF.
  • Larger images of barcode allow for better resolution of barcode image.
  • Place barcodes away from the edge of your PDF in order to ensure it does not get cut off as the fax travels through the eFax platform.

Barcode Configuration

To configure the size and placement of the barcode, you can click on the barcode and drag, or use the controls on the left.

Add another barcode by clicking the Add Barcode button.

Track the Status of your Sent Fax

  •  The Sent Fax record will be created with an Attachment related to it for the PDF that was faxed.
  • The Fax Status will start at Sending.  The Send Date is recorded.
  • The app will send the fax and will update the Status of the Sent Fax record to “Sent” when it is actually sent.  The Sent Date is recorded (This confirms that the app has successfully sent the fax).
  •  Once the app has confirmed the fax has been delivered successfully then it will change the Status of the Sent Fax to “Delivered” and record the Delivery Date.
  • If the fax did not go through it will change the Status to “Not Delivered”. For more specific information, add following fields to your sent fax page layout: “Detailed Fax Status” and “Number of Retries” to better understand why a fax may have failed. For example, there could be a problem with the fax machine or fax number which will cause it to fail. You can review more details on errors in the Errors Category.

Resending Failed Faxes

If a fax is not delivered successfully, you can manually resend the fax. Go to the Sent Fax record with status “Not Delivered”. Clone the record by clicking the Clone button on the record (if you do not see this button, you can add it to the page layout). Modify the fields as specified below, then click “Save”.

  • Set the following field values:
    • Status = Sending
    • Send Date = Current Date/Time
    • Send with Outbound Message (checkbox) = checked
    • Detailed Fax Status = none
  • Clear the values from the following fields:
    • DOCID
    • Sent Date
    • Number of retries

Another option would be to configure an automation tool to automatically resend failed faxes. To do this, create a custom picklist field on the Sent Fax object called “Resend Fax” with values that include “Resend” and “Resent.” Then, set up a process builder or other automation tool to create a new Sent Fax record when that field value changes to “Resend” (see the fax automation article for required fields) and once the Sent Fax record is created, update the “Resend Fax” field value to “Resent”.