Full Use Case:
When we receive a fax, we would like the fax sender to receive a confirmation page back from us detailing date/time received and number of pages. How can we accomplish this?

App Expert Reply:
You can setup some automation based on a fax being received. When a fax is received, a Received Fax record is created in Salesforce. From there you can use Process Builder, Workflow, or an Apex trigger to trigger an action. For example, you could send an email from Salesforce if you the received fax was related to a record that had an email address and you could make that part of the criteria. Or another option would be to send a fax back to their fax number.

If you wanted to send a customized confirmation page to the sender with details of the fax like date/time, number of pages or any specific customer data for that fax, you would need to combine with a document generation toll to create a customized PDF. You could use a document generation app to have a template with merge the fields from the Received Fax record into the template to create the PDF then configure A5 Fax to auto fax that. We have a document generation app called A5 Documents that you could use to generate this document (try out your free trial from AppExchange here). Then you can configure the fax automation. If you need more guidance on how to create this process or if you would like us to configure it for you, we offer app premium support as a paid service. Rough estimate to create a simple confirmation page process like this with A5 Documents and A5 Fax would be 2-4 hours.