Use Case:
I sent out a mass fax to multiple recipients at once and there are some faxes that failed. How can I easily setup a process to resend the faxes that were not delivered?

App Expert Reply:

– One solution is add a picklist field in Sent Fax object called “Resend Fax.” Picklist values can be “Resend” and “Resent.” And setup a process builder when that field changes to “Resend,” then create a new Sent Fax record following the Process Builder article and update that field to Resent.

– Another option could be to create a button that is JavaScript that goes to visual force which creates the Sent Fax record as well. The idea is to create the Sent Fax record with the existing Attachment ID. You can find that ID value in a field something in Sent Fax object called Doc URL. Using a formula to get the last 18 characters.

– With more configuration, you can track tour process better and modify it to your business use case. If you ever want help building a process, we offer premium app support as a service.

– Another option to manually resend a fax record: 
1- Go to Sent Fax Record (with Status: Not Delivered).
2- Take a Clone by clicking the Clone button on the record.
3- Set below fields:-

  • Status => Sending
  • Send Date => Current Date and Time
  • Sent With Outbound Message (checkbox) => Checked

4- Empty filled values from below fields:-

  • Sent Date
  • Detailed Fax Status (Set to None)
  • Number of Retries

5- Save the record.