1. Any faxes sent to your fax number will be automatically inserted into Salesforce as a Received Fax record.
  2. The fax PDF file will be attached as a PDF file to the Received Fax record.
  3. The Status will be Received by default and the Received Date will be recorded.
  4. The Fax Number is recorded from who ever sent the fax to you.
  5. You can use the Fax Number in an attempt to match who sent it to you using an apex trigger if desired.
    1. If a barcode is on the fax that is received then the app will attempt to match the Received Fax with the original Sent Fax that was sent with the barcode.  If a match is found then the Sent Fax lookup field will be populated.
  6. With the barcode feature you can send a fax like a form or a contract that needs to be signed, and then when they fax it back, you can associate the Received Fax back to the Sent Fax.  You can further do more automation using this feature.  You could for example write an apex trigger that if a Received Fax comes in and is related to a Sent Fax, then update the related Opportunity Stage to “Contract Received”.  That could create a flag on Opportunity to review the Contract received and accept it or not.
  7. We have included some default picklist values of Status on the Received Fax if you wish to use them but are optional.  You can customize this and also add additional fields if needed to this object for any process.
  8. You could for example create a custom view on the Received Fax tab to view all faxes with Status “Received”.  Then you intent to look at each fax record and you can change the Status to Accepted or “Read” or create a checkbox called “Read”.  This action of changing the status to Accepted could for example then update your Opportunity Stage to Closed Won.
  9. Another cool thing to do to review Faxes is to use the Console.  You can setup the console to go through faxes quickly and then also view the related record information to the Received Fax.
  10. Please advise if you need help configuring a process that works for your needs.  We provide this as a development/consulting service at hourly rate, learn more at a5-apps.com.  Or have your existing Salesforce Consultant help.