By default Sent Faxes and Received Faxes objects are related to the standard objects: Account, Contact, Opportunity and Case. These are the only related objects to the faxes out of the box. You can relate the Sent Fax and Received Fax objects to other objects. For more detail, see this article: Relate the Sent Fax and Received Fax Objects to Other Objects. Once you have relationships ready with any needed objects, you now can  edit the object ‘s page layout.

  1. Add Sent and Received Fax Related Lists
  2. Add “Send Fax” Button to Related List
  3. Add Fax Number Fields

Add Sent and Received Fax Related Lists

  • For example, to modify the page layout of the Contact object – Go to page layout of the Contact page from Setup (Setup, Customize, Contacts, Page Layouts, and Edit for the page layout you want to edit) or you can go to a Contact record and click the “Edit Layout” link in the top right corner.
  • Add the Sent and Received Fax related lists to the page layout – Click on Related Lists in the top left area from page layout.  Drag Sent Faxes and Received Faxes down to the related list area if not already showing on page layout. 
  • Select which columns to display in the related list – Click on the wrench icon on the Sent Fax related list.  Add any available fields shown in the related list that you would like to show on the related list layout.  We recommend adding: Sent Fax #, Send Date, Status, Subject, Detailed Fax Status, and Number of Retires.  Then Sort By Send Date Descending.

Add “Send Fax” Button to Related List

Adding the “Send Fax” button to the Sent Faxes related list allows you to send a fax that is automatically related to the record.

  • Click the Buttons area at the bottom just above the “Ok”, “Cancel” and “Revert to Defaults” buttons.

  • This will expand the Buttons section.  Move the Available Button “Send Fax” over to Selected Buttons section.  Then also uncheck the Standard Buttons “New” to remove that from the layout so there is only one button visible. If you have a  need to create manual sent fax records (not common use case), then you will need to keep this “New” button checked so you may add a new fax record manually.

  • Click on the wrench icon for the Received Fax related list. Add any available fields shown in the related list that you would like to show on the related list layout. We recommend adding: Received Fax #, Received Date, Status, Preview Fax, Sent Fax.  Then Sort By Received Date

Add Fax Number Fields 

The standard Contact and Account objects come with a Fax field. If you need to indicate a custom field for a Fax number on any object to make it available to the app, just create a custom field on any object with the type “Phone”.  That field will be available in the field configurations for setting up any auto faxing or when sending a fax manually related to that object to select a fax number. As long as you are sending the fax from an object where there is fax number/phone number value, the sent fax relationship should automatically populate when clicking “send fax” button from sent fax related list.