1. Go to the AppExchange profile for A5 Fax to install the app into your Salesforce org.
  2. Click the Get It Now green button.
    Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 2.35.42 PM
  3. Follow the instructions.
  4. You can install the app directly in Production or Sandbox environment if you wish to test  it first.
  5. Once you have the app installed the first step is to connect your Salesforce to A5 Fax server and obtain a test fax number.
  6. Go to more tabs the + tab is the farthest right tab on the top tabs.  Find the A5 Fax Configuration tab and click on it.
    1. Another way is to go to Setup, Installed Packages, Click “Configure” link next to the A5 Fax app.
    2. Or go to the app A5 Fax.  Then the tab “A5 Fax Configuration”.
  7. On the A5 Fax Configuration tab click the “Grant Access” button.
    1. Only one Salesforce User needs to do this step to authorize for all users to access app in Salesforce org as it is site wide access. Salesforce User should be System Admin profile type.
    2. ERROR NOTE: If you get an error message when clicking the “Grant Access” button and you are not assigned a test fax number, please see #1 and #2 in Error Messages section below to resolve.
  8. You will be prompted to Allow access for A5 Fax to your Salesforce so that A5 Fax server can update your Salesforce Sent Fax and Received Fax status on the records as shown in image below:
    Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 2.48.13 PM
  9. When you click Grant Access button, a test Fax Number will be automatically assigned to you and will be displayed next to Available Fax Numbers.
  10. Click Edit on the A5 Fax Configuration tab and enter your alert email, an email address you would like error email alerts from A5 Fax to go when there is an issue with updating your Salesforce org.
  11. You can use this test fax number for a trial with 10 pages that you can fax incoming/outgoing for up to 15 days.
  12. You can configure almost anything related to sending and receiving faxes in your Salesforce related to different objects, buttons, and automations.  Read below the Additional Configuration Instructions.
  13. But right away you can simply send a fax from Salesforce by going to the Send Fax tab.
    1. You can go to more tabs, the + tab, then find Send Fax tab (not Sent Faxes).
    2. You can add this tab to your default app to the top if you wanted.
    3. You can also go to A5 Fax app and see the tab at the top.
  14. From the Send Fax tab you will see the option to select a PDF file you want to fax from your Documents or to upload a new PDF. For more details on fax formats used for outbound and inbound faxing, see this article.
  15. You can enter who you want to fax to using the lookup field and will populate the fax number if a standard field like on Account or Contact.  You can just type in and enter the fax number to send to as well.
    1. You can optionally include a barcode on the fax so when its faxed back it will auto associate to this sent fax record. Or hover over barcode image to “x” out of it if you do not plan to get this same fax attachments sent back to you (example countersigned prescription order). Optionally you can disable the barcode feature if you do not have a need for it.
    2. You can review this article for more detail on sending a fax.
  16. Then click Send button.
  17. A Sent Fax record will be created for this fax.  You can access the Sent Faxes tab to view all faxes sent.  Go to more tabs and find the tab or on the A5 Fax app.
  18. If you send a fax to the test fax number in your Salesforce org you will find Received Faxes on the Received Faxes tab.  Access under more tabs or on the A5 Fax app.
  19. Thats how easy it is to send and received faxes in Salesforce from a basic level.  Read more below to do more with this app and make your faxes processes much better.
  20. When you are ready to activate your A5 Fax account go here: Activate Your A5 Fax Account and follow the instructions.
    1. Activation can take 24 hours during normal business hours.
    2. You can also port over your existing fax number.  This requires additional forms and can take 2-4 weeks depending on your fax provider. If you have existing fax number with eFax Corporate, the port may take only 24 hours in normal PST business hours Monday – Friday.