1. SENT FAXES: When sending an outbound fax, you can select a PDF attachment or PDF File that is available on your computer, documents tab or recipient’s attachment/file if you are sending a fax from related object record that has existing attachments/files on that specific record (existing attachments or files will show under “Recipient’s Attachments/Files).

  2. If you are using PDF Files for faxing and not able to view Files that you are not the owner of or your fax is getting stuck in sending status, please review this article for more detail.
    1. Although you can use a File to send a fax, A5 Fax app appends a barcode an creates an Attachment related to the Sent Fax record for what PDF was sent. There will be two attachments showing on each Sent Fax, one is PDF format that is actual fax sent and the other is JPEG format to show you a preview image of the fax that was sent. You can also click the “View Fax” hyperlink to open fax attachment.
    2. You can still see related attachments on sent fax layout in Classic or LEX.
    3. Optionally, we can configure your outbound fax settings to be able to fax with TIF or TIFF format rather than PDF. You can request this configuration to Support and include your assigned fax number.
  3. RECEIVED FAXES: When receiving an inbound fax, the only allowed format at this time is PDF format.
    1. After you receive a fax, a received fax record will be created and showing under your received fax related list. There will be a PDF attachment which is the actual fax and then a JPEG attachment which shows the preview image of the fax received. You can also click the “View Fax” hyperlink to open fax attachment.