If you are sending an outbound fax that will be sent back to you as an inbound fax (example signed prescription approval), then you can utilize the barcode feature to auto relate the received fax back to the same sent fax record/object record you sent the fax from.

Best practices when setting the barcode on sent fax:
1. Suggest to have two barcode images on the sent fax, in separate areas (example one in top right and one in bottom left) if space allows. Barcode images can be different sizes if needed.

2. Do not place the barcode image over other text or dark areas of PDF. Should be placed on white/blank area of PDF.

3.Larger images of barcode allow for better resolution of barcode image to be read by app. You can modify the size of the barcode image, enlarging it or making it smaller.

4. Place barcode image(s) away from the border or edge of PDF to ensure it does not get cut off. As fax travels through platform, it can be shrunk or part of PDF cut off so important to keep this in mind.

5. When adding barcode image to sent fax record or configuring automation setting, the unique barcode image will be placed on all pages of the PDF. When this PDF is faxed back to you by recipient, the barcode should still be on first page of received fax and all pages.