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  • Please use our videos, step by step documentation, and Knowledge Base articles to learn how to use the app and configure it (can use search feature to look for related articles on subject matter).
  • You may submit a free Case below to ask any general questions that are not covered in the Knowledge Base or about your subcritption.
  • Prospects can request a free demo session to see the general app functionality for 30 minutes.  This will be a demo in A5 Apps org and not done in client org. Request a call with Support below.
  •  We commit to responding to Support questions within 48 hours during normal business hours (9am-5pm PST Monday – Friday).

Buy Premium Support Hours

  • If you need help configuring the app, creating a custom send fax page, implementing a mass fax solution, troubleshooting error message(s), implementing a custom process using our app, want live training rather than reading through documentation, or would like to request another demo of the app, we offer paid premium app support at $125/hour.
  • You can purchase as many hours as you want for support and you may schedule support sessions done remotely with screen-share or via email.
  • We can also estimate hours for a solution configuration.
  • Support sessions will be consumed in half hour increments and time can be used on live calls or communicating via email. Support hours purchased will expire within 3 months if not used.
  • When purchasing your support hours, you can detail what type of support you need in the form. Support with email you back within 24 hours to gather more detail or schedule a call.
  • If we find there is a system or app bug that has caused an issue that initiated the support request, we will refund those paid support hours back to you.

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Buy Support Hours

Or call +1 (855) 997-2989 to leave a message