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Grant Login Access to A5 Apps Support

Video for to grant login access to A5 Apps support in Salesforce Classic

If you are using Lightning Experience, follow these steps:
– Click on user pic icon in top right corner.
-Under your name, click on “Settings.”
-On Left side, you’ll see Personal Information and from that dropdown click on “Grant Account Login access.”
-Find A5 Apps support and update for however long you can give support login for.

Error: Your org may be locked out for external API calls.

Full Error Message:
A5 Fax App could not register your Salesforce Org.
Your org may be locked out for external API calls.
Contact Support for further help.Attempting to register the following Org ID: 00Dt000000XXXEAI
Customer who receives this error by email should contact Salesforce support (or their Account Executive) to have them unlock external API calls. Also ensure that API is enabled in Salesforce org and has not reached the daily API call limit.

Insufficient Privileges: You do not have the level of of access necessary to perform the operation you requested

Full Error Message:
Insufficient Privileges: You do not have the level of of access necessary to perform the operation you requested.   Please contact the owner of the record or your administrator if access is necessary.

  • Salesforce users with restricted permissions on their profile  may see this error message if they don’t have proper access to A5 Fax app package components. For example, if they try to access “send fax” VisualForce page that comes with installed package and that user’s particular profile does not have access to this VisualForce page, they could see this error message.

Solution: Provide access in Salesforce user profile to A5 Fax VisualForce pages. Also ensure they have access to Sent Faxes and Received Faxes objects. You can review all app package components that users may need access to by going to Setup > Installed Packages > click on A5 Fax app > click “View Components.”

Example screenshot of error message they may see if user does not have access to Send Fax VF page: 

Error occurred on updating delivery status of Sent Fax record: invalid cross reference id

Full Error Message:
Error occurred on updating delivery status of Sent Fax record in Salesforce invalid cross reference id
Organization ID: 00D1N000078fDUA0
Organization Fax Number: 8663070000
Fax SFID: a1l3m000003HV85AAG

Reason for error:
This error can happen if the Sent Fax record ID cannot be found or was deleted. You may have deleted a sent fax record for example after sending (before status on fax changed to “delivered”) so the fax app cannot update the status on record since it cannot be found. Another reason you could see this error is if the user does not have access to the sent fax record due to permissions and the status cannot update.

Search for the sent fax ID in your org (in this example you would search for “a1l3m000003HV85AAG”) to see if exists or was deleted. If was deleted, you could retrieve it from the recycling bin so the fax status can update. If unable to recover the fax record, the app will continue to try and update the fax record for a period of 24 hours so you may receive more than one error message referring to same attachment ID. The error notification should stop after 24 hours.

Send a confirmation page back to fax sender

Full Use Case:
When we receive a fax, we would like the fax sender to receive a confirmation page back from us detailing date/time received and number of pages. How can we accomplish this?

App Expert Reply:
You can setup some automation based on a fax being received. When a fax is received, a Received Fax record is created in Salesforce. From there you can use Process Builder, Workflow, or an Apex trigger to trigger an action. For example, you could send an email from Salesforce if you the received fax was related to a record that had an email address and you could make that part of the criteria. Or another option would be to send a fax back to their fax number.

If you wanted to send a customized confirmation page to the sender with details of the fax like date/time, number of pages or any specific customer data for that fax, you would need to combine with a document generation toll to create a customized PDF. You could use a document generation app to have a template with merge the fields from the Received Fax record into the template to create the PDF then configure A5 Fax to auto fax that. We have a document generation app called A5 Documents that you could use to generate this document (try out your free trial from AppExchange here). Then you can configure the fax automation. If you need more guidance on how to create this process or if you would like us to configure it for you, we offer app premium support as a paid service. Rough estimate to create a simple confirmation page process like this with A5 Documents and A5 Fax would be 2-4 hours.

Error occurred on sending fax: the length of the value is 1, but the required minimum is 5

Full Example Error Message: 
Error occurred on sending fax the length of the value is 1, but the required minimum is 5. Organization ID: 00DA0000000xEufAAE Organization Fax Number: 8662234444 Fax SFID: a1W4R55550JoDtGUAV

The reason this error could occur: 
Not using the direct dial format format to send a fax to recipient. The dial out format should be XXX-XXX-XXXX (example: 866-822-1234). Do not need to include country code if dialing fax numbers within USA since the A5 Fax server is in USA. If you are dialing from your USA fax number to an international fax number outside USA, dial out format should be 011+Country Code+Fax Number.

To resolve:
You will need to send another fax with the proper dial out format to ensure it can be processed and sent to end recipient.

A5 Fax Package Updates

This article details different A5 Fax package versions that have been posted on AppExchange since 2019 and the changes/additions made with each package version. Please note that we don’t release all the version numbers to customers since sometimes we make multiple integrations during testing before publishing.

1.43: A5 Fax package posted on AppExchange on November 01, 2019. Includes general app features, barcode feature, Lightning ready features. Includes feature to fax with files and be able to see related PDF attachments on existing record to choose from under “recipients files/documents/attachments” tab.

1.46: Contact support for this latest package version as not yet posted on AppExchange. This app update includes the fix with pre-populating lookup field on Send Fax page when invoked from a related list. The issue was caused by the latest Salesforce update in October 2020.